URQ won't rev/misfires @ 4k revs

mike mcclurg rrrrraudi at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 26 13:03:38 EDT 2001

--- Frederick Smith <smitty at pcrealm.net> wrote:
> A few things come to mind. 
> Inlet temp sender is bad or has a bad connection.
> Common cause of 4k cutout.
> Wrong/bad fuel pump relay. I seem to remember that
> the incorrect relay,
> 	(one from a 4k/80??????) controls rpm limit on
> early non-turbos.
> 	The archives should help re:wrong relay installed.
> The inlet temp sensor and connections has given me
> the rpm limit on a few
> occasions.
> Smitty

Very interesting!!!!
I have an '85 4ksq that has an infrequent cutting-out
problem. Unable to positively diagnose so far. After
reading the above I grab my Bentley to find out where
that inlet temp puppy is located. Did find out that it
should read 1000ohm at 86F, but lousy drawing in
Bentley only shows that it is on the end of a wiring
loom for the CIS-E. No real physical location. Can
someone tell me where to look. Suspect the air filter
box, but nothing obvious from outside and you know how
difficult it is to get into.

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