200q20v Odd Smells and Noises

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 28 00:11:59 EDT 2001

Might be a leaking seal on the right axle flange on the tranny, Alexander.
The tranny oil drips off the axle flange heat shield onto the exhaust pipe
and creates a terrible stink - the tranny oil is high in sulphur.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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>     Well most of the family came home today from RI in the 200q20v avant.
> Everyone complained of a very nasty smell while driving, mother said it
> sulfur like, both my sister and aunt said it was more of a metallic smell
> which made them feel a little ill.  Of course my mother did not stop and
> check the engine, she continued to drive and the smell persisted for 3
> hours, bad enough to warrant windows being opened.  I smelled it a little
> when they got in, it's nothing that I've ever smelled before, though it is
> slightly reminiscent of burning pentosin, but I see no smoke which I know
> pentosin likes to do.  I see no leaks either, though the car recently spat
> out all of the pentosin due to a faulty hydraulic line, but again I don't
> really see or smell the symptoms of pentosin mixing with hot exhaust.
>     So I took the car for a long test drive and varied my driving style.
> sister came along to pinpoint the smell, she couldn't smell it.  The
> difference was the  car was unloaded this time, before it had 3 people and
> full boot of luggage and boxes.  Mother said the smell became very strong
> hills, obviously loading the engine up in 5th gear on the highway.  Sister
> claims the smell was coming from around the turbo, but saw no smoke.  Does
> anyone have an idea about this?
>     To add to the story the alignment is frightfully out of whack, or one
> tire is very low, but doesn't feel like a tire problem.  The car was fine
> week ago, now the steering wheel is cocked to the right about 45 degrees
> the car pulls to the right badly.  The hydraulic pump is making horrible
> noises too, put my screw driver up to it and listened, very loud whirring
> that was interrupted by straight out whining in rhythmic pulses.  I have a
> feeling my mother hurt the pump by driving with no pentosin.  What a poor
> car, sigh...
> Thanks!
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