Brian O' briano_72 at
Sun Jul 29 01:22:54 EDT 2001

sounds like boost hose to me, have someone do quick
full throttle stabs while your under hood lookin.
                                 brian o'

--- Levent Cur <leventcur at> wrote:
> Hey All, 
> I have a 1995 S6 and today for some reason a loud
> wind noise started to
> appear on wide open throttle past 4,000 rpm. Almost
> as if it started
> from my new tank of gas, from the same Amoco I
> always go to, but that’s
> prolly irrelevant.  I have checked the Vacuum Hose
> going to the ECU and
> the one under the black cover, I checked the lower
> intercooler hose that
> is fine, and I checked all the other rubber hoses
> they are all
> connected! But for some reason the car doesn’t pull
> as hard as it used
> to! And there is some really weird wind/sucking (not
> the normal Turbo
> Whine) noise coming from the engine bay area! Need
> help. Any BTDT’s?
> cause the car is still under Minnesota’s State Lemon
> Car Warranty, and
> wanna see if the car is fixable!!! thanks! Cause I
> wanna get rid of it
> and get a 200 TT to replace it if the problem is
> more than a minor
> thing!!! 
> Thanks,
> Levent Cur

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