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Thanks all ! Your suggestions have probably saved me a lot of time trying to figure out how my steering wheel is making my fan turn on and off ;-). Time to check out the blower I guess. 
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  If the motion of the car is affecting the fan operation then you have very worn motor brushes.  A little force one way or the other and the bushes... already at their extreme travel due to wear... may contact or not.  To verify this you can reach under the black plastic HVAC cover (just aft of the firewall) and push the visible brush from behind with a screwdriver and it will work normally for a few days.  You may have to disconnect the lead to reach it... it's been a while since I did this.  

  The only cure is to replace the motor.  It's an all day job and while you're there you might as well replace the heater core and all hoses to/from the heater box as you don't want to do this again... trust me on this.  There are archive-documented tricks to getting the array of parts in the heater box aligned for reassembly so do not despair. 

  Don't neglect to replace the heater control valve if it is the original one... located between the block and the firewall... as they are prone to crumbling and dumping your coolant without warning.  Many aftermarket valves are mostly metal and should last much longer than the all-plastic OE one.  

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