New to list/Audis

4KSQ Soon To Be 4ksq at
Tue Jul 31 22:25:35 EDT 2001

  Greetings All,

  This is my first post to this list.  A bit about me...I do not own an
Audi, yet.  I have a deal in the works to buy a '85 4KSQ, 5 spd, power
everything, 100k.  It needs a little TLC right now, but I think she is worth
it.  I will be using the car as a winter car.  I drive a Hot VW -'90 GLi
16V- as my summer car (I subscribe to the A2_16V list).  I want to keep it
w/in the family, so to speak.

  My first question is does the individual that used to go by the email
"parting4KQuattro at or parting4KQ at" still frequent this
list??  If so, if the person behind these emails could email me offline, I'd
appreciate it.  If someone else has info. on how to contact this person, I
would appreciate it also.  I checked the subscriber list, but there was no
listing under either of these addresses.


	FLi GLi

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