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Wed Jun 13 23:47:24 EDT 2001

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>  I also know that if you've got the power
> there its tempting to use it , Put me in a turbo and i'm sure i'd  find it
> hard to avoid the temptation to drive in the way that has me muttering
> '****head' when I see others driving the same way. Maybe oneday I'll
> on a Urq for the hell of it and be anti-socail once in a while!

I sure that tonight there's an A3 driver in North Yorkshire happy because he
'blew away' a quattro on the A64 tonight. The driver was (is?) an absolute
prat - sat feet off my tail from Leeds to the A1 even though I was
travelling at 70 in a 50 limit, then after I'd dropped him at the junction
came steaming past me when I was doing 120+. Straight through the restricted
Bilborough Top section at well over the ton judging by the way he was
pulling away.



Jim Haseltine

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