h2o pump removal; crankshaft laziness, no 2084!

rob hod rob3 at hod3.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 19:15:12 EST 2001

    I think the original query was as to if its possible to change the water
pump without loosening the crank damper bolt.

    The answer, is "Yes But"

    I think the 'list best practice' is that you do a load of stuff all at
once. E.g. Timing Belt, Crank seal, idler, cam seal, all accessory belts and
hell, why not rad hoses and thermostat while you've got no coolant. Apart
from the t'stat, this is what I did on my Avant last February

    However my CGT had a new belt shortly before I got it and has done 12k
since. When the water pump started weeping (and before I bought the Avant
and the 2084) I found it was indeed possible to get the water pump out
without removing the t-belt. However the job is made complicated by the fact
that you have to flex (oh alright , bend) the rear belt cover to inch the
pump out. Replacement is also tricky as its difficult to ensure you get the
pump o-seal seating properly. In addition its difficult to keep cleanliness
standards in respect to dirt getting on the belt and elsewhere. Oh, and you
have to bend the guard back a bit to ensure it doesn't touch belt or cam
once you've finished. Having said that I'm perfectly happy with the result.
Two years since and not a drip.

    If you do not know the history of your belt, or if its done many miles I
would recommend doing the belt and any of the other stuff thats relevant. I
did buy the 2084, as I would hate for anything to slip when torquing to the
crazy level required.

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