87 500cstq Oil pump snorkel intake manifold deflector?

Wed Nov 7 08:50:33 EST 2001

Hey Joe,

that part was superceded by a newer design. you replace the tube and there is a new pickup, its rubber if I remember. looks like a much better design. I purchased everything from Rod at the parts connection. it took a while to figure out all the parts needed. this was a few years ago and I do not remember every piece that was involved, sorry. if you give him a call I am sure he can help you also.

good luck

Mike Guidotti

>>> "Joseph Rae" <quattro at centurytel.net> 11/07/01 04:40AM >>>
Haudi everybody,

I have a question. On the 87 5000cstq is there suppose to be a plastic
deflector that clips onto the snorkel that is in the oil pan? When I
pulled my oil pan there was one... It is plastic, and very brittle,
broke 2 tabs trying to take it off. I cannot find a part number for this
in any of The family Album? Is this part unobtainium? Why doesn't TFA
show it? I did find something similar for the s4?

Part numbers
035 115 285A retaining clip (Metal?)
034 115 273A intake manifold
054 115 221 Restrictor

Any ideas? Could someone have added that since I have the windage tray
from the S4 as well?

Thank in advance


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