85 4kq suspension overhaul

Thor Heglund jmakrl at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 11 15:47:11 EST 2001

Brian Devlin wrote:

> An impact wrench will do nicely for removing lock nut but to install
> it without spinning the shaft you'll need a very offset box end
> wrench or a special socket.

I have one of these on order: http://www.samstagsales.com/images/hz2593.jpg

> The collar hold the cartridge should have a large internal hex, again
> wanting a special tool.

Any idea where to get one?  Checked the above site, BLAUfergnügen and
The Parts Connection.  I hadn't worried about this step yet.  Seems like
it is the crux of the procedure.  I should probably order some new caps
in case they get chewed up while I figure out how to remove them.

Thanks for the help!


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