My girlfriend's bucking problem...need help with her 4000

Richard Justin Andrews tech at
Thu Nov 15 12:59:24 EST 2001

sounds like it needs motor mounts and probably transmission mounts...
possibly linkage work on the shifter. and i would check the intake boot for
this will cause the bucking.

'86 4kq

At 12:17 PM 11/15/01 -0500, you wrote:
>My girlfriend has a 1985 4000S Quattro with approx 140,000 miles.
>For the past few winters, the car has developed what by girlfriend calls a
>"bucking problem".  It typically occurs when starting out from a stop, but
>has recently occurred at highway speeds.
>Rather than me try to explain it, I've asked her to describe the problem
>in her own words:
>Well...I'm not too sure what all has been replaced, though I know there
>was some fuel line work done and I believe a fuel pump has been replaced,
>not sure if it's the primary or secondary...which ever is cheaper.  The
>last time when i was underneath it looking in that general area, i noticed
>something labeled in the factory repair manual as the "accumulator" looked
>to be original...all rusty and gross looking.
>Every once in a while, she will buck in first gear when I start
>out...sometimes so lurching-like that it actually hurts my neck and makes
>it hard to keep my foot on the accelerator to pull out in an
>intersection.  I usually just let off the gas and try it again.
>Tuesday on my way home, I was in 5th gear going about 70mph and she
>started bucking while I was going.  I was not in cruise control, and my
>foot was on the accelerator.  I immediately let off the gas and
>downshifted to fourth. I left my foot off the accelerator and my gear
>shift began flobbling in my hand like crazy with the bucks.  When I came
>to a stop, i pulled out ok with no bucks, but by third gear she was
>bucking again and the gear shift was flobbling in my hand again.  I
>thought the tranny was coming lose and was
>going to fall out. the weather was fine, around 55 degrees, and no rain. I
>let her sit for a day and last night and this morning, she was fine.
>Let me know what you guys think.  Her car will be in the shop next week
>for some minor suspension work, so I'd like to order any parts relatively soon.
>Scott Holman
> (my car!)

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