Power steering pump interchangeability for Audi

Jim Haseltine Jim at ur-q.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Nov 18 10:55:09 EST 2001

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> It's hard to say exactly where it leaks, but looks like it's at one of the
> piston caps, the ones with the "X".  Is it possible to just unscrew the
> piston cap (with the "X") and replace the O-ring, or does the whole thing
> need to come apart?  I need to replace it soon before I rack up an
> Pentosin bill and leave too many oil stains.

The pump on my Ur started to leak from the top cap (brake circuit) - tried a
reseal kit, no joy, tried another type of o-ring, still no joy. Second-hand
pump (from an early RR Ur-q) lasted 6 months before it started to leak from
the same place. Exchange pump from Audi fitted last weekend - no leaks so


Jim Haseltine

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