K-26 cold side backing plate bolts (RIBE) ??? (Konstantine Bogach)

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 19 12:20:18 EST 2001

NO! Don't take Ameer's advice and "use something that kind
of fits." Unless it is an emergency, obtain and use the correct
tools for the job.

Your job will become much more difficult if you use a
"loose fitting torx driver" and strip out the bolts.

Do you use SAE sized tools on metric hardware? If you do, then
by all means, use the torx driver. Otherwise, do it right with
the right tools.

My philosophy is that if you do a job, you do it right or you
don't do it at all. Maybe that doesn't work for you, but when it
comes to electronics and automobiles, that's the only way I do


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