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Yanking the cluster and changing the bulbs is easy!!  Get some new bulbs and
go for it.

Read the codes for the check engine light.
http://www.12v.org/maint/dtc.html  This will tell you what is wrong with
your car.  The most likely codes are....

1) A speed signal code...since you have no speedometer.
2) An EGR code.  If you are approaching 100k miles this is almost a sure
bet.  If you do get the EGR code it is almost certainly a clogged EGR
3) O2 sensors

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> I have a couple of issues with my '95 90Q that I'd like some help with.
> For starters, the speedometer/odometer, which was having intermittent
> problems, has now died. It just does not register speed or distance. I
> a couple of instrument lights replaced so I thought that I'd simply (ha,
> yank the cluster and see what's inside. I have the Bentley CD so I can
> at diagrams before hand. Is this something a novice should attempt or
> people recommend spending the bucks to have a pro do it? Perhaps I should
> look and see if the cable has become disconnected from the transmission
> before anything else, assuming it runs on a cable like "lesser" cars.
> A week ago the "Check ECS" light came on at highway speed. I pulled over
> investigate (RTFM) and the light went out, so I continued on my way. 2
> nights ago the light re-appeared and now comes on after 3-5 minutes of
> running and stays on. Obviously my baby needs attention. What is the
> recommended sequence (if any) in which I should check the components of
> ECS? Are there any obvious first things to do?
> Thanks for any help you can offer.
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