rear pass-side bang type 44

Grant Bessom GBessom at
Tue Nov 20 12:34:05 EST 2001

I eagerly await the news from the shop.  I have a lowered 5ktqcs utilizing
Eibachs and Boge turbo shocks.  I have not been able to locate the source of
my "banging" rear passenger area.


>I've had the same problem with my car for 5 years now. I had
>all the usual
>suspects replaced and nothing has fixed it. Finally I broke
>down a scheduled
>an appointment for Monday (11/26) to have shop boys figure it
>out. I'll let
>  List,
>  I just got back from the arcives and there a mess
>someone should order maid service,
> all joking aside
> I am having the darndest time with a rear banging
>noise from the pass-side rear wheel whell of my 87
>5ksq non turbo I've got eibach lowering springs and
>boge turbogas shocks part #'s 32-402F fronts, 32-505F
>rears allong with replacing all the suspect rubber

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