After-run Turbo Coolant Pump- Part II

Iain Mannix mannix at
Tue Nov 27 09:02:26 EST 2001

Good point, but I'd personally factor in "ease of replacement."
Afterrun pump?  20 minutes.  Turbo?  Yuk:).  I also seem to
remember paying a lot less than $150 for my afterrun pump, I
thought it was about $80....

Iain Mannix

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Joshua Van Tol wrote:

> >If I were you, the only question I would ask myself is:
> >
> >"Which is cheaper, a new afterrun pump or a new turbo?"
> >
> >-Steve Jensen
> >87 5kcstq with a one year old afterrun pump
> Actually, with the 5ktq a rebuilt turbo is likely to cost $300-$500,
> and a new pump is about $150, so depending on the service life of the
> pump, you might be better off buying turbos.
> --
> Joshua Van Tol -- josh at

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