Need factory parts--who's the dealer with the best discount that will ship?

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Fri Nov 30 17:47:12 EST 2001

go to the website and look up "Vendor List". Lot's of
sources. Also check the classifieds in Autoweek.


On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 13:25:02 -0500 "Traurig, Scott R"
<scott.r.traurig at> writes:
>Audi newbie again with another question...
>I need factory parts. Apparently there really isn't a good third party
>source, so I'll need a dealer who discounts parts and sells over the
>(ships). For example, everyone on the Talon list bought from either
>Talahassee or Conicelli Mitsubishi, and their prices were always 2/3
>to =BDof
>the local dealers.
>Do we have any dealers in the Audi community like that, or am I going
>to pay
>full price for everything?
>Scott Traurig
>scott.r.traurig at

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