UrQ Rear Muffler

William Elliott wcelliot@concentric.net
Sun, 04 Feb 2001 22:01:39 -0600

Anybody have a good UrQ rear muffler they'd like to part with?  The
muffler on mine is good, but a hanger broke and the axle chewed a hole
in the pipe as it goes over it. Doesn't appear easy to patch.

Related question... how loud would it be if I had a local shop make me a
simple pipe that bolted up at the rear flange and went out the back
without a muffler? it just souns ratty now.

Went Ice Racing again today... this time at Twin Lakes, WI with the
Chicago SCCA. Besides a good number of Audis (my UrQ, a 200Q, 90Q, '91
200Q20v Avant, new S4, and TTQ Roadster just to name a few) there was a
Subaru XT6 awd 5sp (and more WRX clones than you could shake a stick
at), a Mitsu 3000 VR4, a SAAB Sonett 2 (V4), several 323GTX's, and... a
REAL Mitsu Lancer Evo 2 rhd rally car and a "street legal" recreation of
the same...might not "wow" you Euro guys, but we don't get iron like


Bill Elliott
Lake Barrington, IL