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Tue Apr 23 01:02:30 EDT 2002

Do not use 100LL in an automobile with cats.  First, it's illegal.  Second,
it'll destory your cats VERY quickly- 1/2 a tank should about do it.  Oh, and
it's approx. $3.00 per gallon now.  If you want HP, use an unleaded racing
fuel (VP, etc.).

At my local airport (I mostly fly our Arrow 200, but I'm SEL, MEL, and
instrument rated), a local helicopter pilot who everybody knows (his brother
keeps his Pitts S-2A on field and is 1/3rd owner in a gorgeous Cessna 310R,
RAM comversion).  Anyhow, this guy owns an Entrom helicopter and keeps it on
his property just over the Pennsylvania border.  He showed up with two 5
gallon (wanted 10 gallons) "jerry" cans because, as he admits, "was stupid in
landing at home last time- I really don't know if I have enough fuel to make
it to the airport."  The airport manager refused to fill the containers.
Why?  On his fuel station permits, it clearly states any (aviation) fuel can
ONLY be pumped directly into the tanks of an aircraft.  Anything other than
that carries stiff fines, jail, etc., etc.  Now, mind you, this was just
after investing in all brand new tanks, pumps, etc.  Still, we all know the
guy, he had a legitimate need, etc.  It *IS* technically illegal, but I
would've pumped the 100LL, no questions asked.  FWIW, it was the last time
the Enstrom owner purchased anything from the FBO.  He got fuel by siphoning
out of another tank (probably his brother).  Had I know right when this
happened, I would've given him the gas out of one of our club planes and then
told the manager to pull our plane out to top it off.  Mind you, I would've
picked the plane closest to the rear wall of the hanger, just to make some
extra work for the stupid.  It's worth noting that most new pumps (including
this airport, today) have credit card machines built into the pumps.  As long
as you do it late at night and nobody catches you, the pumps don't care what
you pump into.  Of course, it'll still ruin cats.
Now I wonder if I get headers and O2 simulators for my Corvette Z06 if I can
run 100LL just to tick the environmentalists off?   ;)
Seriously, we don't need leaded fuels ruining the environment, especially
when unleaded racing fuel is out there.  Avgas is exempt because there is NO
viable alternative to lead for us.  Also, if you take the total gallons of
AVGAS sold in Canada and USA combined for one YEAR, it doesn't equal just the
USA's consumption of automotive grade fuels for one DAY (source is AOPA).

Mark Rosenkrantz (pilot, mechanic, and a lot of fun cars)
AudiBiTurbo at

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