Do not bid on Audi items sold by yblockspecialties on E-Bay!

Shaun Folkerts fiatlancia at
Mon Aug 12 18:20:15 EDT 2002

David.Ullrich at wrote:

> He has until the 14th to respond. I noticed that he is racking up complaints on E-Bay in his feedback like crazy lately. He used to have an almost perfect record, now it looks bad. He's racked up 6 complaints in the past month that are exactly like mine, NO contact, NO response

My first thought upon reading the above is that maybe he has been unexpectedly called out of town/country, hospitalized, or even (God forbid) deceased? Think what would happen to your online affairs if something suddenly happened to you - do you have someone that can jump in, access your sites (so they have to know all your passwords and links), and clear up any such messes? I know I don't...

Sorry for the morbidity, but this is a possibility...

Shaun Folkerts
Audi x2, former Audis x2

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