HID lights

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Some of the most distracting of the lights I encountered driving early
mornings last winter were the stupid piercing lights on NEW AUDIS.  There
were a couple A4 or A6  wagons I'd meet most mornings that I could pick out
of the line of cars coming toward me from way off in the distance.  I sure
wouldn't want my lights disturbing others.

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>I'd bet any money that 99% of the complaints about HIDs are due people
>mistaking the fake "xenon" bulbs that r1cers use for real HIDs. Those ARE
>obnoxious. Real HIDs, when properly aimed, have very low glare. Granted, I
>do find HIDs on huge SUVs terribly blinding when they pull up right behind
>my little Coupe, but that is more a function of how high they are, not the
>lights themselves.
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>Yes! Finally! They're going to decide that we MUST drive with our light
>COMPLETELY off, and use a white cane to find our way at night instead!
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>Feds plan lighting rules
>By Harry Stoffer
>Automotive News / August 12, 2002
>WASHINGTON -- Federal regulators have a plan for dealing with mounting
>complaints about high-intensity discharge headlights and other vehicle
>lighting issues.  Regulators intend to propose rules during the first half
>of 2003 and to adopt them in the second half of the year, said Rae Tyson, a
>spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
>Two weeks ago, Tyson said he did not know of a timetable for rulemaking.
>After Automotive News reported the comments last week, Tyson said he learned
>of "a rough schedule" for addressing the lighting issues.
>The proposed rules will deal with the maximum permissible height of
>auxiliary lamps. They also will address the light emitted by
>xenon-gas-filled, high-intensity discharge headlamps, or HIDs, which are
>used mostly by imported luxury brands, and by HID look-alikes, Tyson said.
>NHTSA previously announced that it also plans to make a decision this year
>on limiting the brightness of daytime running lights.
>NHTSA is paying more attention to lighting issues in part because the number
>of older drivers, who often are more sensitive to glare, is growing rapidly.
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