HID lights

Pantelis Giamarellos pantg at otenet.gr
Thu Aug 15 20:17:09 EDT 2002

It is automatically adjusted and uses a leveling sensor located (usually) at
the rear part of the car.
In addition ALL HID equipped cars HAVE to have a washing system for the
front lights.

So when you use HID aftermarket systems you have to have an adjuster (even a
manual one) and a lights' washing system to make it less irritating to
oncoming motorists.

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> At 11:38 PM 08/14/2002 -0400, QUATTRO1869 at aol.com wrote:
> >I was under the impression that the Audi HID system included
> >motors.  Wouldn't this correct the overloaded family truckster problem?
> >am not exactly sure, can anyone answer this?
> If that's the case, they clearly don't work.  It was my understanding that
> the leveling mechanism had to be engaged to work, sort of like turning the
> brights on and off.
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