charge light glows dimly at idle, brighter at high rpm

Avi Meron avim at
Tue Aug 27 09:49:09 EDT 2002

First check the following:
* Go across the battery and check (while the car is running) what is the
rate of charge, voltage! Should be above 13.5 no acc. on
* Rev the engine to 1500RPM+ and see what is the voltage, should be close to
* At 1500RPM+ turn the AC on and the lights and see if the charge drop below
battery voltage
* Check if your alt. Belt is tight, no slippage

Start with the above and if it is all-OK, check the little wire that goes to
the alt.

Let us know,
Take care,

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tried a search of the archives and couldn't find it

I remember someone posting ( a long time ago) that the charge light on their
Audi was doing this - on dim at idle, but getting brighter at higher rpm.
Can you email me back.  Mine is doing this now and I would like to know what
you found out.


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