Pentosin leak fixed

Mike Arman armanmik at
Wed Dec 4 12:44:40 EST 2002

>Where oh where is the pentosin going? . . . noticed a *new* leak, line of
drops on the pavement after parallel parking.

>Opened hood, looked around carefully, nothing visible, just the normal
not-too bad underhood grunge.

>Started engine . . . one of the X caps on the PS pump is fizzing merrily
away - leaky O ring!

>Which probably explains autocheck complaining sometimes on startup but not
others, even though the green gold level is good - the leaky O ring leaks
air into the pump as well as pentosin out of it.

Well finally got a few spare minutes to fix this, have a giant box of
aluminum seal rings of all sizes, so no trip to the parts house . . .

And the X cap was only finger tight!

I have a chisel that the tip has been ground down to exactly fit the X cap
recess, and it is 1/2" hex for the shank, so take the hand impact driver
and a 1/2" socket, and I'm all set. When I put the blade into the X cap, it
turned without resistance!

New O ring (with a light coat of Girling rubber grease), tighten X cap,
replace aluminum rings on hose to bomb, no more leak (till next time). Yes,
I checked the other caps to see if they were tight.

Conclusion - an autocheck complaint that comes and goes (especially just
after startup) when you KNOW there is enough pentosin in the car MAY be a
leaky or loose X cap.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

(Not quite as leaky 86 5000S)

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