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Fri Dec 13 13:31:30 EST 2002

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Hello everyone

Does anyone know the control cold control pressure/temperature ranges for t=
he control pressure regulator in a Urq (PN 035 133 403 D). I know the speci=
fied range @ 68 degrees F, but I am doing my tests down at 30 degrees. I th=
ink these ranges might be specified in a 5000t (KH) Bentley. If anyne could=

I am chasing down poor initial cold running which includes poor idle and ba=
ckfires in the intake manifold. I started with a fuel pressure test The amb=
ient temperature was 38 degrees F. The car had been sitting for about a wee=
k=2E Here are my test results:

1=2E Cold System Pressure: 84PSI (The specification is 75-85PSI so I am in =

2=2E Cold Control Pressure: 18 PSI (I don't have the specification at this =
temperature but I think I am about 7 PSI too high based on some extrapolati=
on. This is why I need that temp/pressure chart).

3=2E System Pressure Leak down: 40PSI @ 0min, 38 10min, 38PSI @ 20min, 35PS=
I @ 1HR (This seems good but I am not sure what spec is here)

4=2E Warm Control Pressure (have not checked)

Based on this I think I need to adjust my control pressure down, but I need=
 to figure out what is spec at the respective temperature ranges. I think t=
he only way to adjust the cold control pressure (or base control pressure) =
is to take the regulator abpart and tap on that pin. Does anyone have other=
 suggestions on how to adjust Cold Control Pressure?

Mike Benno

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