EM stud thread size? also welder EM stud removal?

william r gerwig pavwdoc at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 24 20:39:06 EST 2002

Ok, since I'm on a roll, Lot's of pre  & post TB about the injector air
shroud connection. If using EFI block it as there is no advantage. One
lister got it right with "better atomization of fuel" as purpose only works
with cis injector with shroud installed. I worked at the dealer here during
the 5k heyday & performed hundreds of recalls to the early c2 cars, even got
a plaque for my neverending servitude from Audi. (I had to put up with all
the early developmental crap!) The air shroud bushings & source connections
were part of 2 recalls then. The source comes from between the throttle &
air flow meter on All cis cars, if so equipped. If you are trying to meet
emissions, modified or not, make sure air goes through the shrouds at idle,
or high vacuum cruise, or you may not pass. ie. high Hc. Another tip. if the
shroud is knocked down on the injector too far or blocked with carbon, It
won't work. There is a measurement. The hose may connect to the throttle on
some apps., but it is outside the throttle plate!
Good night all, & don't have too much egg nog tomorrow!
B Gerwig

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