Eurospec's stroker kit pricing

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Tue Dec 24 20:46:34 EST 2002

Bill, with all due respect, Audi has not made a "cast" crank in any I5 for the last 30 years, all Audi I5 cranks are forged, esp. the long stroke cranks.  Not sure where the magazine got its information, but it was incorrect.

Revving a stroker motor to 7k rpm is not a problem, most people make way too much of the theoretical implications of rod ratio, etc.  These motors can rev without damage, even in the 95.5mm stroke.

I've driven many stroker motors, even a 95.5 with an 83.5mm bore, I'd encourage anyone who has driven a stroker motor with experience that says _otherwise_ to speak up.


> Ok, I've read enough thread about the stroker kit to give my 2c worth. I
> read in a tuner article some time ago that the gas Eurovan uses a cast
> crank. $300 is a good price for a Cast New 5cyl crank. The recommendation
> was not to overrev the eurovan with rev limiter changes thru chipping etc.
> I'm sure that if you ask them, Eurospec will tell you the same. The diesel
> crank has to be forged, & has to be more expensive.
> Food For Thought,
> Bill Gerwig

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