Problem removing radiator - 88 90q

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Fri Dec 27 15:42:34 EST 2002

Hello all,

The subject line sums up my dilemma.  First, let me say that the archives and this list have been invaluable for me in understanding this car and undertaking my own maintenace.  I am very grateful for this, even though I am not able to contribute very much to the general discussion.

I have the radiator 'floating freely' with fan shroud attached but cannot gain enough clearance where the back of the rad fan meets the ABS unit mount.

I can picture radiator/shroud unit rotating to the left, back, and up in order to 'roll' the back of rad fan from under the abs unit.  Am I approaching this correctly??  Clearance to the left is very limited; both by PS high press hose, oil dipstick shaft, and engine block.  And the AC system (& it's rad like thing) in front of the rad impedes rotation of and clearance for the lower part of radiator.  Type 89 specific advise appreciated here.

My primary question: should I disconnect the high pressure hose from the PS pump, use the banjo bolt to seal off the pump, and zip tie the hi-press hose against the head in some way with a zip lock baggie protecting the opening?  See below for how I've moved the PS pump already.  I'd prefer not to crack open the (leaky as is) PS system.  Any advice or tricks on how to manipulate the rad/fan shroud out of the car w/out breaking apart the PS system??  I feel that I am very close to the solution.

There really is just enough room to not complete any given task in this car....with out removing something else.  In this spirit I have:

1. Front bumper off along with headlights and all center aprons/metal (easily done and well worth the access gained)

2. Detached the PS pump from the block and can rotate it, to some extent, back over the head; this then pulls the high pressure steering hose to the left (pass side) but only so far b/c vac pump & vac line connectors are in the way.

If I was an octopus I could, all at one time: hold the AC condenser(?) thing forward & vertical away from the rad improving clearance in the front; then also hold the PS pump over block & keep the high press hose as close to head as possible; then also keep the plastic vertical rad trim pressed toward engine & away from the rad bolts that it keeps snagging when it seems I might be getting close; and then manipulate the rad/shroud to the left, toward the rear, upward and outward toward freedom.  If only I was an octopus...

TIA & sorry for length,

George S
'88 90q (203k miles, waiting for rad replace & then new TB/WP)

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