Words fail me

Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Tue Feb 5 10:18:20 EST 2002

>> And the name on the invoice - the twat who did this to a perfectly
>> good engine?  Mr D. Preece.

>"Twat" must have a somewhat different meaning in the UK.
>Here is the States, it's use would make a lady blush,
>especially if you asked if you could see hers. And I
>wouldn't think Mr. Preece has one, but you never know
>about the British. :-)

In most of the UK it just means 'idiot' - perhaps slightly stronger.

Certainly in and around Nottingham it has the gyneacological you
suggest, and that was the sense I was using it in.

As I said, words fail me. Picture at
http://www.isham-research.com/quattro/words_fail_me.jpg - I've never
seen so much 'Instant Gasket' used on a joint.  I just use Audi's seal

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