Question for Team Temp Sender Wiring [88 90q]

Nate Stuart newt at
Mon Feb 11 08:56:00 EST 2002

Probably the easiest solution is to hit a junkyard and pick out the best
looking example of that connector that you can find. Then, match up wire
for wire (assuming that the color coding was consistant, of course;).
The absent fourth pin requires ABSOLUTLY NO CHANGE to the existing
wiring. It is simply a deleted +12v power input to the sender that is no
longer used due to a design change in the sensor's internals.

> The new sender has the three prongs in an L shaped configuration.  Does
> anyone know the proper wiring for each prong?  The 4 wires I have to
> connect to the three prongs are BL/YL, BL/WT, BL/BK and BL/BR.  There
> are no markings on the sender for each prong.  I appreciate any help on
> showing me which wire goes where.  TIA.
> Mike Robinson

'89 90tq

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