Dave Eaton Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz
Sat Feb 23 19:24:25 EST 2002

looks like we'll be getting a 2002 a3 for the missus.

a drive program which cumulated in a showdown between the vw golf v5 vs audi
a3 1.8t has the "so" talking about the greater smoothness of the (facelift)
a3 (true), more steering feel (true also), and better appreciation of
quality (also true).  moi suggested that the v5 is a peach of a motor, and
the styling of the a3 doesn't spin my wheels, but as it will not be my car,
a black a3 with dealer plates is what is sitting in the driveway tonight.

i have spent 2 hours going over the car and quality is very good.  after
considerable effort, i located the diagnostic port (set flush into the lower
facia on the drivers side), and spend a happy 30 minutes talking to the car
though vag-com.  i learnt that the radio, interior sensors and dashboard are
all now integrated into the diagnostics and are prepared to be quite
talkative with a little persuasion.  ditto the usual management systems
(engine, auto, climate).  however edl/abs refused to co-operate complaining
about an unknown protocol.

the only shame is that with a 3-year warranty, it is unlikely to require
much wrenching...

local dealer has done it's usual sterling service, generous trade on an a2
gti (one of the vw mechanics wants to test my gearbox re-conditioning by
racing the car), and a nice discount, with a promise to beat any lease deal
i can construct makes it all look pretty likely.

we'll know in the next couple of days.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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