Turbo Piston oil squirters wanted

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Thu Feb 28 09:07:30 EST 2002


I have an NF shortblock on engine stand - didn't want to break the block
down tho.  I'd like to see it used for a conversion, but for a price I'll
take out the squirters - probably not worth it, but thought I'd mention it.


[[Does anyone have a turbo I5 lower end sitting around?
I need 5 functioning oil squirters 2 of mine have faulty springs.
Thx  Mike]
>the donor could be an NF, NG or 7A 2.3 liter n/a engine, too.

P/N 035 103 157 B, if you have to go the dealer route...
Huw Powell]

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