update on the 90q wreck...Canadian imput needed!!

Dave Hord spokes at mail.the-wire.com
Thu Mar 7 18:20:22 EST 2002


I've found every part I need within driving distance from my house, except for
a hood, right side headlight bracket and bumper cover...kind of important!

I can ship a bumper cover from california...but what a pain!!  Oh well...do
what I have to I suppose.

I also found a VERY mediocre Coupe GT that I might pick up for driving in the
meantime.  Needs about a days worth of work to be safe...pray it passes

So it looks at this point like I'm going to straighten out the 'q' and go from
there.  Can anyone tell me if the european headlights use the same mounting
bracket as the US units?  By mounting bracket, I'm refering to the black
plastic piece that physically attaches to the car. The headlight attaches to
the bracket. The adjustment is between the bracket and the headlight, NOT the
bracket and the car.  (if this make sense)

I'm toying with lots of ideas as to how to fix it...do I fix it back to the
daily driver, or just dive in and do the full rally conversion right now??

What I need now, are some recommendations from Southern Ontario (Canada)
listers regarding the following services:

A frame shop (to straighten the beast)
A body shop (to replace a rusty rear quarter)
A race shop (to install a roll cage...other then Four Start Motorsports, I have
their quote)
A paint shop (to paint both the inside and outside of the soon-to-be rally

Lastly...anyone have a spacious barn or garage that they want to store my baby
in while I work on it!?! Use of my tools and air-compressor...



89 90q  purrs like kitten...okay, a LOUD kitten.

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