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Grant Bessom GBessom at Intersections.com
Wed Sep 4 13:07:20 EDT 2002

You ever try towing with an SL2?  I have successfully towed, with my '86
*VW Bus ~2100 lbs + 300 lb tow dolly
*VW Bug ~1700 lbs + tow dolly
*Uhaul Trailer, dual axle ~2000 lbs.  Not to mention all the clothes and
stuff in the trunk and rear seat.

I think my co-workers Saturn would scream if I tried that.


Grant Bessom
86 Audi 5ktqcs, 250k miles. chip/cam/lowered/3" ex. (most useful)
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88.5 Suzuki Samurai, 130k miles (cheap AWD Cabrio)
82 Audi 4ks Diesel, 375k+ miles, $free
74 Dodge Powerwagon, 170k miles

Dulles VA (northern VA

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|I just sold my wife's SL2 which I NEQ tracked four times until
|the motor
|popped. (~164K) The weight advantage gave 90 20V owners a full
|bumper view
|in their rearview mirrors.  The motor popped by oil starvation
|at high ~6200
|RPM: a Saturn Enthuiast found that the Saturn oil pumps loose
|major pressure
|above 6000 RPM.  I bet I found that out too.
|At 2800lbs my 4000Q is probably gonna make a come back.
|-Scott in BOSTON
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|Case in point, a Saturn SL2 broaches  3100 lbs, which is only about 150
|lighter than an 87 5KCSQ, which bears the weight of AWD, turbo and
|cooling equipment. Keep in mind, the Saturn is a slightly tight fit for
|four and somewhat
|districted luggage. A type 44, room for 5 and room for a few
|kids (okay,
|kidding) in the

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