inspection failure due to exhaust noise???

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Thu Sep 5 13:33:13 EDT 2002

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<<  just got back from my massachusetts inspection and i am very unhappy to
 report that they wouldnt pass me due to "excessive exhaust noise".

 last fall i purchased a stebro catback setup for my 1990 coupe from
 2bennett- according to the
 massachusetts inspector, the noise can't exceed the original equipment. they
 dont even use a decibel meter... they do it by ear. i mentioned that it is
 HIGHLY unlikely that they have ever heard a coupe in the first place. they
 won't look at it again until i do something about it. i cant drive the car
 until i get get it "fixed" because they call this a "safety failure" (did i
 mention it isn't BROKEN). >>

thats total Bullsh*t..  take it somewhere ELSE..
'86 5kT with NO resonator (straight pipe welded thru)  and ractive dual tip
muffler..  and i wont even tell you what i did with the Cat, and it passes
inspection fine..

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