rekeying locks in a type 44

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Sat Sep 7 15:40:45 EDT 2002

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>Subject: FW: rekeying locks in a type 44
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>> I agree, excellent write up and very informative.
>> Might lead some to wonder how Mike knows so much about the inner workings
>> of locks, though.....  :)
>> Just kidding, I really don't wanna know, especially if you have to kill me
>> if you tell me.

Well in a past life, I worked for a super-secret government agency whose
very initials were absolutely confidential - and how secret was it? I had
to swear that if I even thought about the name of the agency involved, I
would have to kill myself.

We had a fully working UFO, Elvis was alive and well despite being locked
in our basement, and a tame Nessie lived in the retention pond behind
building 7 in area 12. Locks? Heck, we were supposed to do THEM in our
sleep. MIB I and II were both filmed using our installation as a set - no
one would believe it was real, so the best way to hide it was in plain
sight ;-).

Look directly into the light please . . . click.

Seriously, though, the way to learn about this stuff is to just get one
that is broken and take it apart. It is astonishing how low tech and simple
most machinery is. In many, many cases, whatever is wrong with it can be
cured by cleaning everything and carefully putting it all back together
again. That is the WHOLE secret of mechanical devices - ask yourself what
this thing is *supposed* to do, and if it doesn't, why not?

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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