intermittent wiper relay (was Re: Zygmunt; Bimmerparts)

Andrew Duane USG duane at
Mon Sep 9 08:50:31 EDT 2002

Hairy green toads from Mars made Kent McLean say:

> ccohen5 wrote:
> >This problem is documented elsewhere (BTW have not found the correct relays
> >as yet) and I have been trying to get a credit from them despite my
> >receipted return.
> From my VW archives, I found a reference to a "programmable intermittent"
> wiper relay, part number 357-955-531 ECM Variable Intermittent Wiper.
> It replaces the standard part number 191-955-531 Intermittent Wiper Relay.
> I don't know if it will fit your Audi, I don't know that it will work for you,
> but it's in the VW-Audi family.

It does in fact fit most audis of the late 80's to mid 90's vintage.
BTDT times at least 3. An '89 100Q, '90 90Q20V, '95 A6QA.

A very worthwhile "upgrade" in user friendliness for about $30.


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