problems with 85 coupe starting

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Fri Sep 13 14:49:43 EDT 2002

  I had to break down and take the car to a shop.  I have guard this weekend
and I needed my car.

It turned out to be a couple of things.

1.  Hole in the intake boot.  I could not find it when I had the boot off,
but when the car was starting it was sucking massive air into it.

2.  Transistors on the distributor were bad.  Not sure if it was a
contributing factor or not though.

it only cost me $87 dollars, and 75 of that was the part.  The shop was very
nice, and the main mechanics drove 4kqt's and 4kq's.

I would recommend to the list, if you are in the Beaverton OR area, check
out German Auto Works on Nimbus rd.  Very nice people, and good work also.


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> I have a 85 coupe gt.  last night I took the intake boot off and put a
> airfilter in.  I also found a intake hose with a huge hole in it.  I
> the dealer and ordered the hose, while re-wrapping the old one with
> tape like it was before.
> I got in the car and it had some issues this morning.  I would start
> car, it would run and then die.  I attributed this to the hose with
the hole
> in it.  I took the wifes car and went to the dealer and got the hose.
> came home and replaced the hose, and it still would not start.

You used to have a massive intake air leak, and it ran "ok," right?  Now
you fixed the leak and it won't.  That's because it was surely tuned to
run "ok" *with* that leak.  You nixed the extra air, it is probably
running too rich now.

Adjust the static fule mixture by measuring control pressure actuator at
a warm idle... if you can get it to a warm idle.

You might get it to start easier by turning the 3mm hex adjustment about
1/3 of a turn at a time counter-clockwise first.

for some info and pictures:

Huw Powell

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