Follow up on Stoopid Ebayers/new motor

mike mikemk40 at
Sat Sep 14 10:52:51 EDT 2002

but staggeringly whilst 12/20 were unhappy, 8/20 were
happy ie 40% were happy

stupid and happy, not a bad way to be particularly if
it only cost $25


  --- Michael Gough <mdg3369 at> wrote: >
Boy Ebay sure is stupid...
> anthony1
> After several of us emailed them telling them this
> guy is a con....look at
> his new feedback. Big suprise there eh?
> Just thought some of you might be curious. Be
> careful out there guys.
> Audi content...Car still runs like crap. CIS sucks!
> I'll eventually get it
> running good 'nuff to pass the smog test, but then
> the CIS is going into the
> garbage can.
> I finally got the rebuilt MC all together. Broke one
> ring, so I had to buy a
> whole new set. If someone ever needs rings for one
> cylinder....I've got 3
> cylinders worth of rings sittin' around.
> Expect a report on the rebuilt MC
> (EFI,K26-27,270i-260e cam) in about a
> month once it's swapped and broken in. I'm expecting
> it to kick some major
> Honda butt :)
> Mike

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