Master or Slave Cylinder?

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Fri Sep 20 13:22:02 EDT 2002

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I'm also looking for this answer. I replaced the master and bled the clutch to
no avail.

I suspect it's the slave in my case, but this is a PITA job. I'll be doing an
engine swap pretty soon, so I'm waiting until then to replace the slave.

The good thing is that the car is like that for a long time (months), so it
seems that you have time to figure out.

Good luck, and let me know the outcome.

>From: radek at
>To: quattro at
>Subject: Master or Slave Cylinder?
>Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:05:11 US/Eastern
>Hello listers.
>My clutch pedal is not coming back. When I press it down, I can still shift
but it only
>comes back about
>1/4 of the way and I have to pull it up with my foot. Soon it will fail
completely, I
>know, just hope I can
>make it home from work today.
>Is it the master cylinder that is failing, or the slave cylinder, or perhaps
both, or
>still something else.
>All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
>91 V8Q 5-sp. (needs differential seal)
>88 90 Q (needs master or slave cylinder, or both!)

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