What size Hakka 1s on 4kq?

Greg Galinsky nokian at msn.com
Tue Sep 24 00:33:40 EDT 2002

I've run both 175/70-14 and 185/65-14 on my 4000Q's and 80Q's.   Both were
without the use of studs.  Unless you are going thru extreme snow a lot I
would opt for the 185/65-14; good compromise between function and handling.
The 175 are about $8 to $10 per tire less.

I had them in use in WI mostly but had use in a lot of blizzard conditions
out West in the Rockies.
Good luck
Greg Galinsky
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Subject: What size Hakka 1s on 4kq?

> Hi All,
> This year I'm banking on a real winter, or at least one with snow unlike
> last year. So I'm getting set to buy some real snow tires (Nokian Hakka 1
> studded).
> I will go and find snow if it's not nearby!
> I know narrower is better for pure snow conditions, but I think that with
> studded Nokians, snow will not be a problem anyways, especially with
> quattro!
> There will be some significant highway driving this winter, so I'm
> if a bit more dry stability is worth going a bit wider.
> My two choices are 185/65-14 or 175/70-14, or I suppose I could even stick
> with 195/60-14.
> Does anyone have experience with these setups on Hakka 1s, preferably
> studded?
> Cheers,
> Brady Moffatt
> Montreal, Quebec, Canada
> 86 4ksq, 296,000km
> 86 4ksq, 208,000km parts car
> 72 Datsun 240Z, 180,000 miles
> In early stages of quattrosis accumulatus
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