(1.8t PHOOIE!!!!) Turbo 4000Q conversion idea

Dave Alarie dalarie@uwsa.edu
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:26:07 -0500

IMHO, it's about
1)  Balance.  The I5 makes for a significant inertial moment ahead of
the front tires.  A 4kq ploughs, it's grace saved only by the quattro
system.  A 4kQ that ploughs less is a better handling 4kq.  Changing the
weight distribution in these directions-  <62/>48 - would help.  Moving
the battery helps.  Ripping out the A/C bits helps.  Putting in a
lighter motor would help.  The questions are a) how much closer to 50/50
can be achieved (maybe add some weights in the rear corners too?) and b)
how much is it worth?  The first question has some practical limits
beyond which the law of diminishing returns applies.  The second
question is completely subjective.  What's the worth (to me) of four
years in a 4kq with sweetened handling and 50% more torque?  Dunno yet.
 But gee, that sounds like fun.

2)  More torque.  The 4kq comes in at about 2900lbs with, peak, 115hp
and 125ft/lbs available.  A straight-up 1.8T with better intake flow and
exhaust flow in a 4kq could be, would be, might be, should be a little
more entertaining.  But what is it worth?  Dunno.  Could the same sh*ts
and giggles be had from a 4kq with 10vt?  Well, no, as the handling is
the first priority and a 10vt does not contribute positively to the
balance problem.

The whole silly idea might be more easily executed in a Mk 1 VW GTI,
which is stock trim weigh less than 2000 lbs and fairly begs to be
hurled about willy nilly.  (Responsible and attentive) Hurling about
willy nilly is what we're after, right?

Does anyone mfg valve guides and seals that enable a 1.8T retrofit with
beefier stemmed valves?

Dave Alarie

R. Mair wrote:

>Josh &Carlos... I've heard of quite a few 1.8t failures. None of my
>customers yet, but then again, most are stock. I know the bone yards I deal
>with are selling these engine rather quickly, while older 10vt and NA motors
>sit for a very long time. DING DING!! What does that tell you? Actually,
>some of those 1.8's are shot because of T.belt failures, but again, there
>have been a few ventilated blocks due to hard use and modifications.
> Chipping an early 1.8t won't kill it. However, chipping and flowing will
>entice a driver to use his new given power frequently, resulting in more
>strain on the engine than usual. Josh, you got 40k miles on your worked
>1.8?? That's good, but the HP figures you are pushing are still relatively
>And Carlos, I've spent over 80 hours at Bosch technical headquaters in the
>past few years, and am good friends with the NE region Audi rep. My facts
>are quite straight when it comes to knowing what these motors were intended
>for and what their limitations are.