Torque Wrenches - my answer...

Robert Mangas porter_t_dog at
Tue Dec 2 14:19:09 EST 2003

  Except that VAG get around this by specifying torque: the product of the 
length of the torque wrench and the force applied.  In doing so the length 
of the wrench becomes irrelevant.

>From: Huw Powell <audi at>

>Which I am perfectly happy with, sort of.  Except for one little thing.  
>That is that the length of the torque wrench handle is an unknown, 
>unspecified variable, so the "problem" can't really be "solved." Luckily we 
>have that 330 ft-lb figure form one of Phil's many manuals.
>One resolution of that undefined variable might be if Audi expects its 
>techs to use a VAG standard issue torque wrench, with known length. Then 
>all the numbers fall into place nicely.

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