Thoughts on heavily modded UrS4?

Lee Levitt lee at
Wed Dec 3 14:32:32 EST 2003

David duandcc_forums at wrote:
> I know there's a S4 list here, but I'd rather get the opinions of
> those whom I've grown to trust here... Would you buy a heavily
> modded UrS4? I would NOT sell the CGT, the UrS4 would be used for
> weekend driving with the wife & it needs to be
> reliable enough for long trips.

Yes, it will be reliable. Not much to go wrong on the s-cars (no more than
any other similar vintage Audi).

The 20 valve turbos seem to have a minor propensity for loosening or losing
plugs. We check the plugs every now and then...mine have been tight since
installed many miles ago. Others seem to experience some loosening more
regularly. Don't know why.

When a plug disintegrates, it sometimes gets pulled into the chamber (sucked
in) and it does nasty things. It's rare and I don't worry about it.

> 1992 S4 silver with grey leather 148k but motor was replaced at
> 90k with new long block because the old motor sucked a plug. At
> the time the motor was installed it also got an rs2 manifold,
> turbo, injectors, programming, 3" turbo back exhaust, since then
> it got koni adjustables in all four corners, 10lb flywheel,
> center force clutch, Six Speed out of an rs2, hid conversion in
> all locations, e code lenses and markers, Porsche 993 bi turbo
> front brakes, slotted rears, borbet 17's, a4 16's, stock 16's,
> car has had lots of routine maintance and been loved but
> desperate measures are here please let it go to someone who will
> drive it and appreciate the supercar it is. Asking 15k or b/o
> should easily be worth that in parts alone.

This sounds like a really sweet car, done almost the way I'd do one if money
were no object. And it sounds like it might have been well cared for. It's
probably a blast to drive.

If you can buy it for the right money, I wouldn't hesitate. Stock '92 S4s go
for $7500 plus or minus and this one has something like $11K extra into it,
plus the cost of the long block. Of course it's not worth $18.5K, except to
someone who wants the car and will pay that money. :) Who knows what the
seller will take. Who knows what you're willing to spend on this car. You
*could* get a clean stock '95 S6 for the same money, for instance.

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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