Test drive in 2000 A6

Sean Ford audi_99_a6q at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 10:56:12 EST 2003

Huh. I wonder why Audi would continue to use a Servotronic relay in the A6 (and
update it regularly), but abandon it in the A4. Doesn't seem prudent.

The variable ratio thing just sounds like a bad idea to me. There are too many
variables to control in a high speed decreasing radius turn and I wouldn't like
the steering ratio to be one of those variables that I'd have to think about. 

The latest C&D complained about this, too. They apparently hit a few curbs with
the rear wheels because they just couldn't adjust to the different ratio
settings at the different speeds. 

Variable ratio just sounds like a different angle of attack for the same old
problem. It's change for change's sake, imo.

--- Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:
> The A4 has "variable power assisted steering" but unlike the A6,
> it doesn't seem to be based on the Servotronic.  BTW, not all Servotronic
> is bad.  It depends on the degree of assist that's programmed in.
> As for the new BMW 5's electronically variable steering ratio, I have
> not driven it and cannot comment on how it actually feels, but the basic
> theory seems like a good idea.  A quick ratio is good for low speeds
> and maneuvrability, but at high speeds that tends to make the car feel
> nervous.  By having a programmed ratio that varied with speed (and
> perhaps other parameters) you can get the best of both worlds.
> Note that variable *ratio* is not the same thing as variable *assist*.

Sean Ford
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