40K miles on 84 4000Q!!!

Dave Glubrecht daveglu at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 8 22:09:31 EST 2003

A friend of mine got a type 44 20V turbo that was traded in to the dealer at
100k. It got minimal trade in and he got it cheap.  It didn't run right and
I was quickly able to diagnose it to having not ever had a tune up.  The
plugs had so much gap that as soon as it got boost, it would misfire.

    Dave G

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> > I was going to make the obvious joke that it's really
> > unusual to see the odometers go out THAT early...
> >
> > ...but look at that car's DASHBOARD.
> Yes, what a nice part to fit into an '84 UrQ with cracked and worn
> "About 500 miles on new Bridgestones and first tune up."
> First tune up!?  OK, now I know 40k is not a "lot" of miles, but can you
> imagine owning a car for 19 years and *never* getting new spark plugs?
> Hope the oil was changed more than three times...
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