NAC Porsche 914

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Dec 10 15:18:41 EST 2003

>McCohens at wrote:
>>No I didn't measure, it would be heresy to put a water pumper in 
>>this.  The only transplant I would consider would be a 2.7 or 3.0 
>>911 motor.  Mine is a pretty hot 4 cylinder, the VW engine 
>>redesigned by Porsche.  It isn't a horsepower car, it is a bliss 
>>car.  Nothing else is more fun to drive and makes you feel so 
>>connected with the road.  It isn't fast but the joy per mile factor 
>>is the best.

At 10:44 AM -0600 12/10/03, Todd Young wrote:
>There's an article in the May '03 issue of European Car where an 
>individual swapped a souped up VAG 1.8Turbo into a 914. Pretty sweet 
>vehicle. I could scan it if anyone is interested, it's only 3 pages.

Scott Smith is an instructor for the NEQ- if you want to see his car, 
come to one of the driver ed events; "spectators" are always welcome, 
as far as I know.  You will need to sign, at the least, the track's 
waiver.  You should probably stop by the registration trailer and say 
hello to Claire Earley(and Revvy, the Earley's super-friendly 
retriever).  Charity rides w/instructors(ie, instrutor driving in 
their car) are available but there are some conditions.  You cannot 
get a ride from anyone but an instructor.

You'll also see(usually) Felix Tang's 'S2' rally car, the Haymann 
brother's 90tq rally car...a heavily modified 20vt UrQ...white, I 
forgot who owns it, I think he's at least on the UrQ list- he lives 
out in CA but occasionally comes to our least one other 
UrQ, owned by a board member...all sorts of other misc stuff like 
Z06's, WRX STi's, 200q20v's/V8's/S-cars, good assortment of 
BMWs...TT's, minis, usually at least 2-3 Porsche racer cars including 
a GT3 cup car(or two) one point with had a winston cup NASCAR 
truck(don't think he comes anymore, club rules require DOT tires, 
which NASCAR doesn't use :-)....I think there were two RS6's at the 
last watkins glen event...all sorts of fun stuff.

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