[urq] Re: Hood vents & inserts?

passat TS passat_ts at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 10 16:32:41 EST 2003

I'm adding a pair of vents to my rally car, but...

Since, I have to save money for little things like tires, EFI, entry fees, 
etc. (just ask Javad)

I'm using these ones:


It's not flashy, but it will do the trick for me and at $14 a pop it's tough 
to beat.

I need the vents to compensate for the huge skid plate I use. It goes from 
the bottom of the bumper up tol the floor pan under the feet of 
driver/co-driver. It restricts the air flow by a good amount (I measured 

There are other ones just search for "louvered vent".



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