Alt bearings - '88 90 Q

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Thu Dec 11 14:49:51 EST 2003

--- tihol tiholov <tihol.tiholov at> wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I suspect my alternator bearings (air cond - prolly
> 90 Amp) are
> producing the squeeking, that makes the car  sound a
> bit like a K-car or
> a hay cutter.  I don't hear the noise inside the
> car, just when standing
> at the front.  Does any one have any info on those
> bearings and the ease
> of replacing them?  I'd rather not swap the whole
> alt - it works fine
> and plenty of brush material left.

I called NAPA with the bearing # and they said they
had them in stock.  My problem was I couldn't get my
old bearings off.  At 200,000 miles I decided that I
owed the car a new alternator anyways.

Jim Green
'89 80q slow
'89 90tq fast, really fast

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