Cannot remove O2 sensor

Phil Payne quattro at
Mon Dec 15 17:34:57 EST 2003

> Cat wrote:

>> My husband still cannot get the O2 sensor off his 87 Audo 5000
>> He has tried everything (including propane)

> I'd find a mechanic with a _real_ torch and explain
> the situation to him.  It shouldn't cost too much to have
> him/her heat the sucker and break it loose.  Then
> you'll take it from there.

Probably the best way.  Over here the owners of serious heat are all too willing to
demonstrate its abilities.

I often have to take these things out cold.  I use a conventional open-sided OXS sensor socket
with a couple of Jubilee clips applied to stop it opening out.  Bear in mind that I can't work
destructively - the "chop the wires off and use a deep socket" trick is out.  It's not worth
freeing up the connector until you've cracked the sensor, so I open the Jubilee clips up
completely, pass then round the wire, and reassemble the whole contraption on the sensor.

Then you just lean on it.  The noise when the thing lets go TERRIFIES the owner.  Every time.

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