replacing 4KQ center bearing with BMW parts?? Can I use the Bearing?

Brady Moffatt bradym at
Tue Dec 16 00:09:01 EST 2003

You can use the whole BMW assembly. When you remove the old Audi one (noting
where the shims are, if any), you'll see that they're identical except that
the Bimmer part has a hole instead of a slot on one side, IIRC. You MAY need
to oval out that hole.

Brady Moffatt
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I went and picked up the suggested BMW 325i center support bearing and
bracket assembly ($20.00 at Halsey Import Parts Portland, OR).

I am getting ready to do this fix myself and I am wondering if the BMW
bearing fits the Audi shaft or if I have to push out the BMW bearing and try
to make
the existing Audi bearing fit into the support structure??

I couldn't find much DIY info for this and help would be great

Matt Kramer
1985 4kq
1983 CGTt

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